Kerala pattern of education is followed in Lakshadweep from the very beginning of formal education. The Lakshadweep Administration has prepared textbooks for standard I to IV under Primary Education Curriculum Renewal Scheme. Kerala textbooks and syllabus have been followed in standard V to XII in all schools. Besides the Kerala pattern of education, Kavaratti high school has CBSE stream for standard I to XII.
The entire ethnic population of Lakshadweep is classified as schedule Tribe. Education is free to all levels.The ST students are enrolled in colleges of other institutions in mainland. If attached hostels are available with the institution accommodation is provided to them.Hostel dues are met by the Lakshadweep administration. In case of non-availability of Hostel facilities with the institution Scholarship is paid to the students. Day scholars of VIII to XII are also paid scholarship. The students from Standard I to VII are provided with Mid-Day meals. Textbooks, writing materials, stationery etc. are given to the students in the schools free of cost. The students of standard VIII and XI are taken on an annual educational tour to expose them to the culture and diversities of the various states on the mainland.
The Mid-Day meals scheme is being implemented in all Lakshadweep Schools. The benefit of Midday meal Scheme is extended for all the children in Primary Schools up to VII Standard. The Lakshadweep Administration provides cooked meals in all the schools with a minimum content of 300 calories & 8-12 grams protein to each student each day of school for minimum of 220 days.
  • Inter JB School Arts and Sports Festivals are organized for Junior Basic School students in all islands except Bitra.
  • SGFI / AIRS selection meet is organized every year. The last selection meet was held at Kalpeni from 23rd October to 1st November 2002. Selected football team from AIRS Meet represented this U.T for the All India Rural Tournament from 24th to 27th November 2002 in Punjab and reached the quarterfinal.
  • Coaching centers are established and coaches are available for football, volleyball, swimming and athletics. Summer Coaching Camps in the disciplines of a) Athletics b) Volleyball c) Swimming andn d) Football were conducted at Amini, Kalpeni, Kavaratti and Andrott respectively. A New Basketball court has been constructed at Kavaratti and is ready for use. Basketball coaching camp is also scheduled here on arrival of Basketball coaches from Kerala Sports Council/SAI.
  • A full-fledged gymnasium is available at Kavaratti for island youth.
    Combined All Wing Annual Training Camp 2003 was organized at Kavaratti from 10th to 21st April 2003 with 135 SD cadets and 215 JD cadets.